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When working should be aware of the following aspects:The cleanliness of the water tank is paramount. The fact is that only a few grains of sand, incidentally on a circle or surface, can irrevocably spoil the result of work by scratching the paintwork;Wetting the part with water is necessary when the paste dries out too quickly;Cleaning the polishing wheel - it should be done periodically, as lumps of paste stick to it;Applying paste - it is not recommended to spread it directly on the circle, it is better to apply the paste on the surface of the part;Overheating - this is possible when the same place has been polished for too long. This approach leads to excessive heating of the clearcoat (the circle seems to be stuck in it) and even to its “tearing off”;Stains - they happen if the worker holds the polisher at an angle and the circle does not touch the surface with the whole area;Rhythm - it is not recommended to immediately turn on the machine at maximum speed. The paste applied to the part must first be rubbed evenly over the surface at low speeds, and only then gradually increase them;Different pastes - if you need to go from a paste with a large grain to a paste with a smaller one, you need to thoroughly clean the surface of the parts. It is better to change the circle,... Read more


1. Stages of polishingBasically, the polishing is divided into two stages:- the first is restorative polishing;- the second is protective polishing.Restorative polishing is usually done using abrasive pastes. Such a polishing removes the thinnest,...Read More

Respirator for painting cars: why is it necessary and how to choose?

When choosing a body work tools, you need to proceed from the criteria of quality, not price. Not always the cost objectively reflects the quality of the product. For this, it is better to consult professional craftsmen who know a lot about it.In...Read More