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Auto body work tools - How to Read Automotive Paint Mixing Cups

How to Read Automotive Paint Mixing Cups.Paint cups are used primarily in the automotive painting industry to achieve the correct mixtures of paint prior to application.Paint is never applied straight. It is first mixed with an activator solution and occasionally a third component like a paint thinner or reducer.Since paint manufacturers provide exact ratios for each of these products, the math can get tricky.That is why most people use mixing cups, which have all of the ratios written on the side, just like a measuring cup.Measuring cups are used for mixing paintwork and preparatory materials: clearcoats, paints, fillers, etc. with hardeners and reducers in the most common proportions, for example, 2: 1, 3: 1 and 4: 1. and etc.Choose the desired sector, there is a distinction of 1: 1, 2: 1.The mixing technology is simple: first pour the paint to the specified mark, to the next mark in the same scale of hardener and then the reducer.Of course, first read all the necessary information on the ink package, on the method of its preparation, on the order in which it is applied and on the desired proportion.Here, also read: Technology mixing and application of paint.TABLEWARE It is important that the container in which we mix is strictly cylindrical (flat bottom and vertical walls).Only in such a container can one mix... Read more

Spray Gun Tips & Sins

1. Inappropriate cleaning utensils:Unfortunately, in many cases wrong cleaning utensils are being used (e.g. paper clips or wire brushes).Resulting from this, the spray fan pattern is severely affected making it necessary to install a new...Read More