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RANGERS 3:1- 2K Polyurethane Protective Coating

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NEW polishing compound T ONE STEP

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Very often in the summer our customers ask why they, after painting a clear coat, get a "Dry" spray and a rough, unevenly painted surface.


  • Excessively volatile or inappropriate reducer or thinner, low humidity and high ambient temperature air.
  • Flowability too clear.
  • Air pressure too high.
  • Too thin layer of paint film.
  • Spray distance too far.
  • Poorly prepared primer coating.

Ways of elimination:

If possible, polish the surface of the part. If the defect is too strong, repaint the part with paint, or cover the clear coat.


I used DA polisher to buff out my 5 year old genesis coupe. The car had moderate swirl marks. I used GG's 6 inch polisher with hex orange pad with ultimate compound and then light blue polish pad with CG v38. In sun, the car showed some new buffer trails (holograms). I wanted to know what can I use to remove those marks? Preferably a one step solution (excluding wax) as I already two steps on the whole car and doing it again will be inconvenient.

Tell me please, I use the painting in a hobby, I degrease the model, then I use a primer, I do not use my hands, only wearing gloves, and when painting with aerosol paints there are craters / bubbles. I do not know what to do, I tried different ways, I tried different colors, BUT, I do not what does not help. I have to take the model and work with sandpaper on these craters, and again spend a ton of time for painting. Chris, Calgary.

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3:1- 2K Polyurethane Protective Coating

RANGERS LOW VOC BEDLINER 3:1- 2K Polyurethane Protective Coating.More than 100 applications in the automotive industry, agriculture and household, and other industries! Polyurethane protective coating with a structural effect. The tool provides protection against mechanical and chemical damage. It guarantees a durable and durable 2K urethane coating on the bodies of pick-up cars, heavy duty commercial vehicles, off-road, touristic cars, SUVs, trailers, etc. The tool creates the effect of structure and is offered in two versions: black and colorless, with the possibility of tinting in the desired color. For tinting, use paints based on diluents (on the finished mixture).ADVANTAGES OF USING TROTON RANGERS: high durability of the coating, excellent chemical resistance (oil, gasoline, water, salt), excellent mechanical resistance (scratches, stains), weathering resistance (UV filter), high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance ( anticorrosive components), sound-absorbing effect, the possibility of a thick-layer application, the possibility of obtaining an anti-slip structure (Antiskid additive - Troton powder). Read more

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