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For drying paintwork materials when repairing a car body, two main methods are used - convective (thermal ON - Hot Air) and thermoradiation (infrared IR - Infra Red). Convective drying is carried out in a special chamber, where the heat carrier is hot air - it heats the entire product, including parts that do not need to be dried.This method is mainly used when fully painting the body or repairing large areas of it.The main disadvantage of the convective drying method is that the heating of the paint coating begins with its outer layer.At the same time, the reducer remaining in the inner layers of paint, evaporating under the action of temperature, "breaks through" out through the already dried top layer of the coating.As a result, micropores are formed, which negatively affects the properties of paint - its strength and tightness are reduced, and, consequently, the corrosion protection of the metal deteriorates.Solve this problem by applying finishing clear coat.The aforementioned disadvantages do not appear when drying with infrared lamps.By the principle of operation, such installations are somewhat similar to a microwave oven, only in this case the product is heated not by microwave, but by infrared radiation.Depending on the wavelength, the rays can freely penetrate through all layers of paintwork material... Read more


Drying paint due to infrared radiation is one of the fastest, efficient and convenient ways. The process is carried out using special equipment - short-wave infrared dryers. For brevity, they are often called infrared lamps for drying or simply...Read More


The secondary primer is a filler, it is an equalizer. From the very name, the ability of these soils to fill small irregularities on the surface of the repaired elements is obvious.The alignment function is more relevant for the auto service than...Read More