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Masking tape

Masking tape

Masking tape

Masking self-adhesive tapes with lightly crepe paper backing and adhesives in natural rubber and resins base in solvent and synthetic rubber base in hot melt.

The range of products meets specific requirements of the building sector, the interior and exterior paintings, the decorative and industrial coatings, the car bodyworks and in protective masking in general.

The different characteristics of the paper backings and the adhesives offer products developed for different resistance degrees to humidity, to solvents, to temperatures application and exposure duration to ultraviolet rays.

All masking self-adhesive tapes have high conformability and mechanic resistance, are cut easily and removed without leaving adhesive residues.

Available also in a large variety of sizes, backing weights, adhesives, colours along with a wide typology of packing and labelling, to meet all the clientele needs.


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